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This book focuses on the role of Science and Technology in foreign relations. A wide range of science and technology issues have become the subject of international negotiations over the years. This trend could continue and even accelerate in the future, raising a number of questions. Science, Technology, and Diplomacy are growing more closely interrelated as human knowledge expands. Countries that take advantage of this trend will gain an edge over others. This book starts from the past and looks towards the 21 st century. A number of Science and Technology related sectors have been examined, in varying detail, to draw some conclusions and highlight areas where diplomacy may be required. Also examined is the question of how science and technology related issues could be managed through diplomacy. This book would help diplomats to better understand some of the science and technology related issues that have come into the arena of international relations in one way or other. It may also help scientists and technologists to better appreciate the complexities of international relations and the impact that science and technology have on them. For the business community, it may provide motivation for the need for awareness and preparing for the disruptions caused by technology changes as well as for seizing the opportunities afforded by such changes. For the public, it may provide a better understanding of how scientific advances can affect their lives and society in general.

Technology and International Relations- Challenges for the 21st Century

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    • 326pp
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    • Oct-20

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