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“The Devil’s Rebirth: The Terror Triangle of Ikhwan, IRGC and Hezbollah” is the work of leading academics and researchers from around the world, who have spent their days and nights to pen this comprehensive research, which aims to disclose the secret networking of globally recognised terrorist organisations, Ikhwan Ul Muslimeen, IRGC and Hezbolalh. These organisations are rooted in public, and have been in existence for more than seventy years. Their prime goal is to begin a non -violent struggle in order to win the hearts and minds of the local public, before turning them into the menace of terrorism. Another objective is also to topple the Arab kingdoms, as well as democratically elected governments in the Middle East. The reader will analyse the latest tactics, aims, recruitment process, financing, training, relations with the drug cartels and networking of these three organisations with European terrorist and criminal mafia syndicates. The reader will also find how these organisations use both soft and peaceful religious activities to lure vulnerable people from across the world, in order to attract them into the fire of the Middle East. Many secrets and disclosures of these organisations have been exposed in this compelling work.

The Devils Rebirth : The Terror Triangle of Ikhwan, IRGC and Hezbollah

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    • Mar-20