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The foundation to success for any human being in life, in a holistic way, is his personality. Personality is not a unidimensional phenomenon but is multidimensional in character. The author has gained deep insights into the various principles which drive human success, through deep research spanning over hundreds of articles, numerous websites and books, and more importantly through meeting with many leaders and keen observation of many successful personalities. He has penned them methodically, which will be easily accessible and digestible to all those who are desirous of achieving success. In fact, author’s own journey from a small village to a feted General has been the living embodiment of these principles, as are the lives of those eminent and greater personalities that you will meet in these pages, as also in the daily walk of life. One will come to realise that personality is like a diamond, which shines only when polished. This book is a must-read for the people in multiple walks of life to lead a meaningful, peaceful and successful life. 

The Ten Quotients : A Guide to a Complete Personality

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  • Major General Tajuddin Mhaisale, VSM, had an outstanding professional career and an exemplary academic record. He served in the Indian Army for close to four decades and has a further experience of the corporate sector spanning over close to a decade. A believer in lifelong learning, he has done his M. Tech from IIT Delhi, MBA from IGNOU, and MMS from Osmania University. He is completing his Ph.D. from Pune University. During his lifelong journey, the author has deeply studied the multiple dimensions of a human personality; which are crucial for the success, happiness and meaningfulness for any individual, not only in his own personal life, but also that of the organisation and the family of which he is a building block. He has penned his thoughts and findings, through observation research and interaction with various personalities in diverse fields of life. He has contributed regularly at Institute of Directors, New Delhi and other academic and business platforms; through his talks, lectures and writings.