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The idea of publishing the USI Strategic Year Book was mooted in 2015 to enable writers and readers to reflect, articulate, and debate on contemporary and futuristic national security issues in a global backdrop.  The first issue of the USI Strategic Year Book was published in 2016.  This is the seventh edition of the USI Strategic Year Book.   The publication over the years has been widely appreciated by the policy-makers, strategic community and academia for its quality, content and relevance.
    The current issue of the Year Book contains series of articles by eminent authors on various aspects of India’s national security in six thematic sections namely, India’s National Security overview, Internal Security Issues, Pakistan-China, India’s Strategic Neighbourhood, Global Issues, and National Security Capacity Building.  The articles therein look at new challenges and responses to the existing paradigm of India’s national security.  The publication will be useful in generating informed debates towards cross fertilization of varied perspectives and serve as a reference book for scholars of strategic affairs and international relations as well as for the strategic thinkers and authors.  Happy reading!!!

USI Strategic Year Book 2022

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