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The United Service Institution (USI) of India first published its flagship Strategic Year Book in 2016, based on the overarching theme of comprehensive national security, with contributions from India’s noted strategic experts. The publication since then has been widely appreciated by the policymakers, strategic community, and academia for its quality, content, and relevance. Over the years, this signature publication has evoked immense interest among the strategic community, both in India and abroad.

The current issue of the Year Book contains series of articles by eminent authors on various aspects of India’s national security in six thematic sections namely, India’s National Security Overview, Internal Security Issues, Pakistan-China Nexus, India’s Strategic Neighbourhood, Global Issues, and National Security Capacity Building.  The articles cover global, regional, and internal issues which have a bearing on our national security and recommend policies, strategies, organisation and equipment for dealing with them. It goes without saying that those dealing with internal and external security affairs require to have a regional and global strategic vision which the Year Book provides.

USI Strategic Year Book 2023

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